Surf Poncho in White
Surf Poncho in White
Surf Poncho in White

Indigo Handloom

Surf Poncho in White

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100% yarn-dyed cotton in soft undyed natural cotton with just small selvedge stripes made with natural dyes. Completely chemical free!

Made with a twill weave with cream cotton underneath, this poncho is your go-to cozy companion for anywhere you want a little comfort. It is made with thick cotton which can absorb water and is roomy enough to change into or out of your swimwear. 

Your skin will immediately respond to the soft textured cotton. We use ours everywhere - on the beach and on a plane ride. While walking around inside the house or around a campfire. We have even slept in it - it's just so comfortable. Your skin will immediately respond to the soft handloom cotton.

Handloom fabrics are naturally low in toxins - unlike many modern fabrics.  They also have a tiny carbon footprint - because the cloth is made with only the energy of the weaver.  

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