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Can Good Soil Save Us?

Lately I’ve been  thinking more about soil than I ever thought I would as a designer. If you’ve seen the documentary ‘Kiss the Ground’ or read the book “The Third Plate,” you might also be giving more thought to the ground beneath your feet. Who knew that good soil might save us all?   A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times exposed an open unattractive truth about cotton, specifically organic cotton. There is just not enough supply to satisfy the market and that has lead to a lot of ‘greenwashing.’ The sad truth is consumers want to buy sustainably and some companies are more than ok with misleading them.   Not just a few companies are overcharging for...

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This, This and That

T his is what motivates us - these brave nurses and doctors who do their jobs - putting everything on the line even when there is not enough personal protective equipment.  One doctor resorted to working in swimming glasses. Others stopped protesters after working their 12-hour shift.  We will continue to donate masks - donating one mask for each one sold - and we will not stop until this crisis is over. Check out our newest masks: 'VivaTerra'  'Black Kantha' and 'Save USPS!' Please join us DIYers!  We need more people to donate masks! We are offering DIY mask kits at a discount for the next week - $15 for the materials to make 4 or more masks.  We are also offering the following: 25%...

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Does the mask fit and even if it doesn't!

Does the mask fit? All of our masks are made in size Medium. Some of you have written saying the mask is too big. It is not the mask but the elastic might be too big for some people.  Here's what to do to adjust elastic: You can use the ribbon method if your ears are too tired or strained. Make sure you use a cross-grain ribbon or a string that can hold a secure knot. When trying the other ways - pinning the elastic, sewing a loop onto the side or putting a knot in - please do only one side and see how it fits. It might just be a small adjustment. But if it is too tight, it...

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Facing Covid Together - 6 Feet Apart

After making a few masks, I started making DIY mask kits and distributing them to other people. With that, we were able to donate more than 250 masks to doctors, nurse and EMT personnel in the past 2 weeks. 

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Self Love Sweeps

In honor of self love and sustainability we are bringing you a Valentine's Day giveaway along with friends from our favorite ethical brands like Indigo Handloom, Amour Vert, Indigenous, Prairie Underground, Anna Monet Jewelry and Aether Beauty. Enter to win $1200 in sustainable fashion and beauty products now. Contest runs from Thursday, February 7th to Thursday, February 14th.

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