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his is what motivates us - these brave nurses and doctors who do their jobs - putting everything on the line even when there is not enough personal protective equipment.  One doctor resorted to working in swimming glasses. Others stopped protesters after working their 12-hour shift. 

We will continue to donate masks - donating one mask for each one sold - and we will not stop until this crisis is over. 

Check out our newest masks: 'VivaTerra'  'Black Kantha' and 'Save USPS!'

Please join us DIYers!  We need more people to donate masks!

We are offering DIY mask kits at a discount for the next week - $15 for the materials to make 4 or more masks.  We are also offering the following:

  • 25% off any scarf when you buy a mask. Discount automatically tallied at checkout.
  • Zoom 'sewing mask party' Friday night at 5 p.m. (Pacific)  May 8th. I'll be cutting and sewing along with you and answering all your questions and celebrating your masks making skills. Send us a note if you'd like to get the invite. 
  • If you'd like to turn a cotton scarf into protective gear, we will include the elastic and twist ties for 4 masks. Just use the code 'SCARFTOMASKS.'
Here is a list of scarves that would be good for making masks: RailwayCascade FloatBahama BluesWestside GreyPopsicle StripesIkat Check and Homme.

In addition, you can also purchase our fabrics - and we will throw in some elastic this week for free.

A message from one of the nurses who received our masks. 

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