A Big Update and SPECIAL OFFER: expires Jan. 19th

Beloved Customers,


Yesterday I was riding around on my Vespa, taking in the delicious smell of the trees of the Oakland hills after a heavy rain - and thinking of you.  It’s been one year since we did a Kickstarter campaign to see if our concept of handloom clothing had a place in the market.  Would people appreciate the beauty and benefits of handloom, artisanal textiles as much as we do? It was a risk that we’re so glad to have taken.

We are forever grateful to have set out on this path and are delighted to give you a big update!

Shortly after our Kickstarter ended, we were approached by one of the largest fashion companies in the industry and one of our neighbors in the SF-Bay area: Gap Inc.

The call came from some of their youngest designers on the staff of Athleta (part of the Gap family of businesses), who were eager to offer an eco-friendly product. Our 'Bengal Border Beach Coverup' caught their eye and they asked if something similar could be made for Athleta.

They choose a yarn-dyed black and white beach coverup in pure handloom cotton with a black jacquard edge - and named it the 'Crystal Lake Coverup.'  You can find it in all Athleta stores this week and it's already available online. 


This is the chance we have been preparing for for the past decade – to show the fashion world that handloom is a viable eco and human-friendly option for large scale production.

The amazing thing about handloom is how it feels against your skin. So many people assume there is some silk in our fabrics, when there is only the most buttery soft handspun cotton.  

This week is a big deal for us. We want to share it by making you a SPECIAL OFFER - which expires in exactly one week (Jan. 19th). 

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The fashion world is slowly, but surely, changing to meet the demands of customers like you, who are increasingly awakened and paying attention to 'how' things are made.  

We are honored to be at the forefront of this change.

Each time you purchase the Crystal Lake Coverup, an artisan can feed her family for one week; none of the carbon that would be generated to produce a machine made product is expelled into the air and the water wasted in industrial processes remains in rivers and lakes.


The important thing to understand is that you are in the driver's seat, in the power position. Only you can show that garments made in an ethical way with the lowest amount of processes and chemicals do have a place in the market. 

So I am asking you, from the bottom of my heart, to support us this week. Let the leadership at Gap Inc. and Athleta, know that you notice.

Let's buy them out - because nothing gets attention like success! Go to your local Athleta store, or just click here to buy the Crystal Lake beach tunic. 

You are going to get the most amazing feeling of this fabric against your skin. And, to show our appreciation, we want to sweeten the deal:


Bonus 1: 

  1. Go into an Athleta store.
  2. Post a pic of the Crystal Lake coverup and you on instagram
  3. Tag @indigohandloom and @athleta
  4. Email andrea@indigohandloom so we have your email address
  5. Look in your inbox for a $25 gift card to be used at indigohandloom.com

 Bonus 2: 

  1. Buy a Crystal Lake coverup at an Athleta store or online
  2. Post a picture on instagram 
  3. Tag @indigohandloom and @athleta
  4. Email andrea@indigohandloom.comand tell us how much you like it
  5. Look in your inbox for a $50 gift card to be used at indigohandloom.com

 Bonus 3: 

  1. Buy 2 Crystal Lake coverups.
  2. Post a pic on Instagram
  3. Tag @indigohandloom and @athleta
  4. Email andrea@indigohandloom.com and tell us how much you like it
  5. Look in your inbox for a $100 gift card to be used at indigohandloom.com

These offers are valid for one week only (Expires on Wednesday Jan. 19th) though you have until June 1, 2017 to use your gift card! 

Only you can make a difference!  Help a woman artisan in India feed her family, wear something lovely, and put handloom on the map and in the minds of Gap Inc. decision makers. Tell the leadership at Gap Inc., and Athleta, that it matters to you! Tweet or send them a little Insta-love at @athleta. If you can't find the Crystal Lake coverup in your local store, please ask for it, and send us a tweet or update @indigohandloom.

This is our chance to do something truly revolutionary – purchase and wear clothing that is good for the environment, the person who created it, and the woman who rocks it - You.

With love and deep respect,

Indigo Handloom




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