Facing Covid Together - 6 Feet Apart

Hello friends,
Even though we are hunkered down in Oakland, it has not been a quiet time at Indigo Handloom. We have been busy sewing and organizing other seamstresses to order to get masks to health care workers.

 After making a few masks, I started making DIY mask kits and distributing them to other people. With that, we were able to donate more than 250 masks to doctors, nurse and EMT personnel in the past 2 weeks. 

Since the initial alarm about the global shortage of masks, factories around the world are organizing to fill the gap. Home Depot, Apple and Norwex are donating their stock of PPE or buying masks and making them.

So as there are already more medical-grade masks available - we are switching our small production team to making masks for consumers.  

If you know how to sew but lack the fabric and notions - you can also get our DIY kit. The CDC recommends 100% woven cotton - so the kit includes 1/3 meter of our handwoven cotton.  

We will be making of our fabric available for purchase as well - since handloom uses relatively few chemicals in its process, it is what I would want to give to those I care about.  Look here for fabrics sold by the meter.  Each meter can produce approximately 15-20 masks.

And finally, if you still want to protect yourself and don't have a mask, we have plenty of scarves that are in stock and will ship immediately. We have put our favorite 100% cotton ones toward the top.  For the purposes of covering up, I never thought I would agree with our president, but he did say a scarf would work.

Stay safe - we will get through this together. 

We have Masks! And fabric and notions!

If you know how to sew, there are three ways we can help:


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