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Gratitude Sweepstakes

We brought together some of our favorite sustainable brands to bring you a giveaway inspired by gratitude. Enter to win $1500 in ethical fashion products from us and our friends at Kayu, Indigenous, SOKO and Mushmina.

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The Midterm Election is just around the corner and it's time to #voteyourvalues!  For those who make it to the polls, or sent in their absentee ballots, we'd like to *thank you* with 40% off any items in our scarf collection. To get your discount code, send a selfie with your "I VOTED" sticker or stub to voteyourvalues2018@gmail.com and we will reply with a special code you can use at checkout for 40% off your purchase. Out of those who participate in our #voteyourvalues campaign, we will also be giving away our Sierra scarf, a fair trade handwoven scarf with chambray varied stripes and jacquard edges, to 5 lucky winners. About Us: At Indigo Handloom, we work with over 500 weavers in rural India to produce beautiful, eco-friendly handwoven textiles honoring ancient techniques....

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You Might Just Be Wearing Plastic

  Photo Credit: Greenpeace Detox Campaign We applaud you for refusing plastic straws in your cocktails and iced coffees! Our heart warms when we see people filling their reusable metal bottles at water fountains instead of buying disposable plastic ones. However, there is one giant piece of plastic that never gets a second look and we are sitting in it, walking around in it and sometimes having intimate relationships with it. It’s polyester-- the plastic no one wants to talk about.   Because if we started talking about it, as a consumer you might really start to look at your labels and realize that everything in your yoga, workout, performance and ‘athleisure’ wardrobe is made with petroleum. Derived from crude...

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Plastic is Slowly Killing Us - 5 Ways You Can Help!

Plastic. It's everywhere. It's one of those problems that is so big, it feels like your own actions will not make a difference. Yet, every one of us - collectively - can make a huge difference. In fact, we have no choice. Our waterways are being choked by plastic - the oceans as well as fresh water streams and lakes. It's easy to spot the large plastics like plastic straws and bottles, but what is even more devastating are the micro-plastics that come from polymer or synthetic fiber clothing. Synthetic materials are primarily to blame for the 'dead zones' in the oceans. Did you know that each time you wash a piece of clothing made from a synthetic material (think yoga pants...

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I am an Immigrant: How my father inspired me to start Indigo Handloom

June is Immigrant Heritage month. It has me thinking a lot about my own personal roots and purpose and how immigration contributes to the advancement of our society. Let's face it, California wouldn't be the economic powerhouse it is without immigrants. What is great about immigration and travel is that they spark innovation. Did you know Steve Jobs frequented India for his inspiration? In fact, it was during the huge growth years of Silicon Valley that 25% of businesses were founded by immigrants. These businesses created 560,000 jobs and generated $63 billion in sales. This does not even take in consideration all the support jobs that immigrants also fill.  Our first family picture after arriving in the United States   Just think about it,...

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