Things People Say


 Meredith B.

I adore this top! When I first opened the parcel, the beauty of the handspun and handwoven cloth had me floored - I ran around showing all my family "can you believe this is HAND SPUN and HAND WOVEN?!!!" It has totally surpassed my expectations. The fit and drape are lovely, and it's the absolute perfect thing to wear on hot days, which where I live is almost every day. The ease of a t-shirt with the beauty of a blouse. The only thing I am not so sure about is the weight of the fabric. While ...

R. R.

Oscar Wilde said "Yellow Satin is one of Life's Compensations". The scarf isn't satin but it is a magic compensation. Excellent products and unbelievably fast delivery. Oscar also said "Magic is wearing Red on a rainy day"..........I will be shopping again soon!

 Susan M.

The Royal Vine scarf in orange is fabulous! It is beautifully designed and executed, and made in cotton so that it is especially soft against the skin. Indigo Handloom creates beautiful textiles with integrity!

 Daniela S.

We love the color, fabric and style! We wear them with so many different looks. The scarf is perfect for layering on cooler spring/summer days/nights. I wore the strawberry to our launch party.

 Giorgia O.

Really soft and beautiful. I have quite a few Indigo Handloom scarves and have been waiting for this one! It so pretty and so soft. Just perfect for this chilly Spring San Francisco weather.

 Barbara P.

It is more beautiful than the picture and description - the color and texture, gorgeous and best, made ethically, sold ethically. That's what I want to support. Thank you, Indigo Handloom!

 Julia W.

This top is gorgeous, delicate and so finely created. It warms my heart to know that each thread was touched by a human hand. I will wear it with gratitude and joy.

 Amelia W.

Gorgeous, unique product, plus great customer service, in support of a good cause, preserving and supporting handloom weaving in India.



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